Korg DW8K
Creating a realtime Korg DW8000 Editor
Connecting a BCR2000 Controller to a Korg DW8000 synthesisers

The two programs for DW8000 (based the BCR to DW6000 program) are now combined into one.

You can swap between the two using the tabs at the top.
(It now looks a bit different to the pictures below.)

General CC to DW8000 sysex page


This is the screen that can be used with different BCR2000 layouts.
This page becomes a general CC to System Exclusive program that can be used by any controller as well as any configuration of the BCR2000.

If your controller can reset its controls via Midi, like the BCR2000 can, this screen and the controller will stay in sync with the DW8k.

Download the text file below to see what CCs go to what parameters.

The BCR2000 page

Original Program

This is the screen that matches with the BCR2000 System Exclusive file (DW8KEditor.SYX).

It is very close to the DW6000 version which enables you to see the positions of the controls on the BCR .

Like the other programs on this web site, it is donation ware. Please help support this software.

To download any of this copyright software you must agree not sell it or to distribute it in any way.
You must agree not to reverse engineer it in any way.

Download the program and the two BCR patches Combined BCR2000/CC to Sysex program

Right-click the link and choose "Save Link As..." to save the zip file to your computer.
Create a new folder and unzip the program into it.
When you first start the program an 'ini' file will be created in that folder.

To completely remove the program simply delete the folder you created.

The zip file has two BCR2000 sysex files. The first is for my layout and is called DW8KEditor.SYX
The second is called DW8KEditor_Alt.SYX and should be renamed to DW8KEditor.SYX so you can send it to the BCR from withing the program
It is the CC version of Mchale72 BCR2k layout except that it is Midi channel 1 and the buttons on the right of the lower
row are Assign Mode and Randomise

Let me know how you get on.

The program assigns each parameter in the DW8000 its own CC type.

Here is the list of thoes CC types, as well as the range needed for each parameter
This is so those without a BCR2000 can program a different controller.

Text fle of the CC types for DW8000

You can now set the CC's Midi channel to any value (1 to 16) to match the DW-8000 channel.
You'll find this on the Midi Setup page.

1. Connecting
The easiest way to connect up the BCR is to go into 'Global Edit' mode by holding 'Edit' and pressing 'Store'.
Now use the top left encoder to select U-3.
This will give you the 2 Midi interfaces you need to make the join between the Korg and the BCR.
2. Start the program and press the Midi Setup tab
Select 'BCR2000 port 2' in and out for the DW6000
Select 'BCR2000 port 1' in and out for the BCR2000
To use a Midi interface select mode S-4 on the BCR2000

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