Control PC Display with Midi
Display Patch Names or pdf page controlled by Midi


This is a program that will display pretty much anything on your laptop with whats displayed being controlled by Midi
In its simplist form, when you send a Midi patch change message (PC) it will display some text.
The text could be the Patch name but it could also be the song name, "My Song" or section of song "My Song Bridge".


You use the 'Text List Edit' tab to build the Prompt List.
It is only text so you could use you favourite text editor instead.

You could even use my program ReadNames if you can work out the System Exclusive (Sysex) strings needed
Go to ReadNames page.

Use your Right mouse button on the page to see the options.


Font and Colour are for the display page font and colour
The 'Midi String' options allow you to send any Midi message(s) when you select this line.
That is, if you send out a PC 6 message on channel 1 this line will be selected and a PC message on channel 4, 5, and 6 will be sent.
The message(s) could also be sysex. You can even mix normal and sysex messages.


You can load and save your Prompt list

The blue section to the right allows you reorder the list, copy lines or blocks of lines as well as deleting lines.

The Settings page allows you to set the Midi in and out ports.
You can set the controlling messge to Continious Controller (CC) or Patch change (PC) message as well as the channel.
When the 'Display Type' changes to "File" the advanced mode is selected.
When this is selected you can display pictures, movies, rich text format(RTF) or pdf files and open at a certain page.
Adding this to sending out Midi messages you can set up the chart to read along with setting all your synths to the correct patch.
You can even display web pages.


Normally sending you control message selects that line. PC 23 selects line 23.
The "Next Prompt" and "Prev Prompt" are to select the next line so you can step though your list with just sending the "Next" command.

Path and Filename Syntax
Because MidiPrompt is entirely self contained, you can put it wherever you like on your system.
You must be aware though, that when you move files or MidiPrompt around, , it will affect the ability of MidiPrompt to display the files.
So what I recommend is that you keep a "Files" folder in the same directory as MidiPrompt and put your files for display in it so you keep things simple.
But you're welcome to use your own scheme, too.

Here are a few examples of how you can open files:
Open a graphic file in the Pictures folder: C:/Users/username/Pictures/song1.gif
Open a PDF file to page 1: C:/Users/username/Documents/My Song Book.pdf
Open a PDF file to page 34: C:/Users/username/Documents/My Song Book.pdf /Page 34
Open a txt file: C:/Users/username/Documents/My Song Book.txt
Open a graphics file from an online location:

You can also play midi, mp3, wav, etc media files, but there is a delay opening them.
Test if it's fast enough for your requirements before your performance.
Media files are opened by your default media player.
Note that you need to get back to the MidiPrompt window to continue using MidiPrompt further.

Like the other programs here it is donation ware. Please help support this software.

To download this copyright software you must agree not sell it or to distribute it in any way.
You must agree not to reverse engineer it in any way.
That being said, you may link here quite freely.

Download the program

Right-click the link and choose "Save Link As..." to save the document to your computer.
Unzip the program into a new folder.
There is a group of Help files to get you started courtesy of Steve Meiers.
Read the "readme.txt" file for setup help.
When you first start the program an 'ini' file will be created in that folder.
To remove the program simply delete the folder you created.

Click here to chat at the BC2000 group

or click here to chat at the Yamaha Blackbox group

I have used the program for some time now, but that doesn't mean there won't be a bug in it somewhere.
Let me know if you have any problems.
Feel free to suggest any improvements you think might be usefull.