E-mu Patch Library Software
A patch library and patch generator
For the Emu Audity 2000 and any of the Proteus 2000 or Command Station series synths
Easy access to your sounds - Generate new ones
Update and bug fix - 22 May 2019

Although Jan Eidtmann's great E-mu editor, Prodatum, has inspired me to create a lot of sounds, I desperately needed a library program to rearrange and save my new creations.

Click here to go and get Prodatum

Like Jan's E-mu editor, there are three different System Exclusive file formats to contend with for these very similar synthesisers. They only have small differences, but are incompatible. As a result the program detects the synth on startup and associated file type and sets up a separate directory structure for each type of synthesiser it discovers.
all with the same sub-directories

This way, if you have an XL1 ROM along with your Composer ROM in your Proteus2000, you can store XL and Composer patches in the same library.
This allows you to use the Mix function to create new patches using the waves in both ROMs.


Why not add a name file generator for my DAW so I can be really organised.


Left click and Right click
Left to select. Double left to send and Right click for the popup menu

Cursor keys
The Up / Down cursor keys select and send the next / previous patches.

Ctrl+click and Shift+click
Work as you would expect selecting patches.

Copy, Paste, Swap, Delete, Rename
You can use the right click pop up menu or Windows standard keys to do their usual jobs.

Program Mix Patches
This creates 128 patches where the value of each parameter is randomly chosen from the selected patches.
Repeated pressing will cause a different set of patches.
Morph Patches
You must have only 2 patches selected.
This creates 128 patches by incrementing each parameter from one patch to the next.
Of course, this can cause a dramatic change in the sound as the wave changes.
Repeated pressing creates the same patches.

Program Instrument file generator
How about generating a text file to print out or use as an instrument file in Sonar.
Not everyone uses Sonar, so you can generate and modify a list as a starting point for your DAW instrument list.

Like the other programs here, it is donation ware. Please help support this software.

To download this copyright software you must agree not sell it or to distribute it in any way.
You must agree not to reverse engineer it in any way.
That being said, you may quite freely link here www.bwalk.com.au .

Download the program - EmuLib.Zip

Right-click the link and choose "Save Link As..." to save the document to your computer.
Unzip the program into a new folder.
When you first start the program an 'ini' file will be created in that folder.
To remove the program simply delete the folder you created.

It is quicker to grab these Library Files of the internal ROM patches
Audity 2000
Standard Audity 2000 ROM
Proteus 2000
Composer ROM
Mo'Phatt ROM
Virtuoso ROMS (Both I and II)
Xtreme 1 ROM
Command Station
Composer ROM
MP-7 Mo'Phatt ROM
XL-7 Xtreme ROM

Click here to chat at the Proteus 2000 forum

I have used the program for some time now, but that doesn't mean there won't be a bug in it somewhere.
Let me know if you have any problems.
Feel free to suggest any improvements you think might be usefull.