Connecting the Yamaha
Connecting the BCR2000 to a Yamaha TQ5 synthesisers

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This is the second synthesiser to get the BCR2000 to act as if it was the synths front panel.
The new things in this editor.... (some changes have been made after the video was made.)

(1) There is an extra Midi input.
As the TQ5 has no keyboard, the new Midi in enables a flow of Midi data from a controller to be directed to whatever Midi port is connected to the TQ5

(2) The model selection.
The 4-op synths use blocks of sysex messages for the parameter data. The voice edit data is called VCED and, as far as I can find out, they all use this sysex block. Additional voice edit data is called ACED and ACED2. The effects data is called EFEDS.
Not all the different models use all the different blocks so they need different data requests.
They are all 'LM' type data requests so it may work for other models.
This has only been tested on the TQ5 so if you try it on any other models please let me know if it works.

Extra Midi port

(3) Overlayed controls on the BCR.
The TQ5 has far too many parameters to be controlled by the BCR so the BCR encoders and buttons change their function depending on what state the program is in. The two lower rows of encoders alter the parameters of the Operators. There are 4 Operators in this synth so the 4 buttons on the lower right select which one is active at any one time.
The 4 buttons on the top right turn each Operator on and off, but they don't stop an operator being modified.

The top left button (built into the encoder) switches the 4 top left encoders through Mod Wheel, Aftertouch, Breath control and Foot control.

(4) Percentage for the Random control.
Small changes can make a big difference on FM synths so the Random generator has had a percentage change slider added (The video has an earlier version of the software). The smaller the percentage the closer the new random patch is to the original.

I like between 5% and 25%, but sometimes even 100% can produce interesting results.

To download this copyright software you must agree not sell it or to distribute it in any way.
You must agree not to reverse engineer it in any way.
That being said, you may link here quite freely.

Download the program and the BCR patch
Right-click the link and choose "Save Link As..." to save the document to your computer.
Unzip the program into a new folder.
When you first start the program an 'ini' file will be created in that folder.
To remove the program simply delete the folder you created.

1. Connecting
The easiest way to connect up the BCR is to go into 'Global Edit' by holding 'Edit' and pressing 'Store'.
Now use the top left encoder to select U-3.
This will give you the 2 Midi interfaces you need to make the join between the Yamaha and the BCR.
2. Start the program and press the Midi Setup tab
Select 'BCR2000 port 2' in and out for the DW6000
Select 'BCR2000 port 1' in and out for the BCR2000
You will need an extra Midi Interface if you want to connect a keyboard.

To use a Midi interface select mode S-3 on the BCR2000

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The TQ5 has many relatives. Many of the 4 op synths should work, but I haven't tried them.
Let me know if it works for you.

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