The XV to Fantom-S & Fantom-X and SonicCell
Converted Patches from the Roland SR-JV80 cards to Roland SRX cards

Patches from the Roland SR-JV80 wave cards -

When I bought my second hand Roland Fantom-S I found that there was a SRX 09 World Sounds card inside. Bonus!!
So I searched the internet for details and discovered that there was a CD that went with it and it has extra patches.
I finally found the CD only to discover that the extra patches were for XV synths only. So I wrote a conversion program for my Fantom S with the SRX 09 card.

It turns out that SRX06 to SRX09 have most the waves from the SR-JV80 cards, so I converted those XV patches with some help from folks at the Roland Clan forum. Thank you all.

Here are the patches for the SRX06, SRX07, SRX08 and SRX09 cards.
(I don't have some of these SRX so they were also tested by the folks on the Roland Clan forum - thanks again).

They are Roland Library files, so you need the free library programs that are available on the Roland website.
There is a separate Roland Library program for the XV series , Fantom X, Fantom S and the SonicCell.
The Fantom XR should be able to use the Fantom X files.

Original SR-JV80 patches to SRX patches in an XV series synth
Converted patches for FanX
Converted patches for FanS
Converted patches for SonicCell

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